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[S1E11] You Can't Take It With Jules

This season documents the core 5's remaining months of Junior year that started in season 1. Half-brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott were bitter rivals, both on and off the basketball court; now they bond as brothers. But there is drama, trauma, devotion, betrayal, twists and turns to come. To protect those he loves, Lucas moves in with Dan. Brooke and Peyton mend their friendship, but romantic turmoil gets cranked up. Newly married couple, Haley and Nathan's relationship is pushed to the brink when Haley gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Newcomers to Tree Hill push emotions into high gear. The vindictive Dan Scott is as usual controlling others like an evil puppet master. However, there are some things even he can't control.

[S1E11] You Can't Take It with Jules

Although Nathan and Haley are already married, Tim insists on throwing Nathan a post-wedding bachelor party, while Brooke and Peyton throw Haley a wild bachelorette party. Dan asks Lucas if they can start to build a relationship together and has him find the pictures in the safe. At the bachelor party, Nathan resists doing anything with the stripper, realizing all he wants is Haley. The bachelorette party ends when Brooke's credit cards are declined. Keith offers Lucas a job working at the dealership, but he instead offers it to Nathan and promises to take over the cafe. Karen decides to go back to school. Brooke's bank account says there are insufficient funds. Dan and Deb bet on Nathan and Haley's marriage failing and if not, they vow to end it themselves. Nathan takes the job with Keith and Lucas tells Dan the pictures don't change anything, but he says he hopes to change their future.

Felix organizes a "dare night" to test the limits of his new classmates. While out playing the game, Lucas meets a mysterious new girl, Anna, and Peyton tearfully confesses to the church that she recently tried cocaine. Keith is caught off guard when a beautiful woman, Jules, comes to the dealership and begins flirting with him. Meanwhile, Karen goes on a date with Andy, her younger professor. Lucas takes a liking to Anna, who is revealed to be Felix's sister.

The opening of Peyton and Karen's club "TRIC" brings together the people of Tree Hill. Lucas and Felix come to blows over Anna when he gets into a fight with him. After Chris quits the night of the club opening, Haley must face her fear of performing to save the night for Peyton, and received rave reviews. Andy meets Lucas and is surprised he's older and Karen is older than he thought. Felix tells Anna she's the reason they had to leave their old life due to rumors surrounding her. Mouth tends to Brooke while she is drunk, but Felix sneaks in and attempts to take the credit. Keith and Jules realize their relationship has reached a new level and Dan tells Karen that Deb slept with Keith. Nathan begins to feel jealous of Haley and Chris. When Karen asks Deb about it she lies and says it's not true. Haley learns Peyton did drugs. Felix threaten Lucas to stay away.

When Karen learns that there were drugs in the club, she kicks out the band who says her club will pay. Brooke and Felix continue their friends with benefits arrangement. Haley records a song with Chris and lies to Nathan about it. Haley, Peyton, and Brooke throw a slumber party and invite Anna. The girls catch Brooke and Felix in Haley's bed. At the party, all is revealed when Haley and Brooke share each other's secrets including how Peyton did a line of coke and that Haley is lying to Nathan. The girls make up and encourage Brooke to find love, not meaningless sex, while Peyton promises she won't do drugs. The girls take Anna in as part of their group. Meanwhile, Nathan and Lucas road trip to Charlotte for a Bobcats' basketball game and Lucas is surprised when Nathan says they have to test for HCM (a surprise for Lucas), a genetic heart condition that Dan has. Lucas ultimately backs out and can't take the test. Keith and Jules grow closer and he gives her a key to his apartment. Karen and Andy have a fight when she suspects that he is giving her good grades because of their relationship but makeup and sleep together. Nathan gets his test back and learns he doesn't have it but he and Lucas realize that means that Lucas does have it.

It's the school's formal night and Tree Hill is brought together. At the formal, emotions flare and relationships change. Dan lets Lucas know he's aware that he didn't take the HCM test. Deb tries to fix her relationship with Nathan, but it doesn't go well. Haley spends the night recording with Chris, causing her to miss out on the night Nathan had planned. She arrives just in time for her and Nathan to be crowned king and queen. The band plays her duet with Chris which upsets Nathan as she kept it from him. Brooke becomes jealous of Anna, while Anna reacts weirdly to Felix making a joke about her and Peyton being gay. Mouth tells Brooke the truth about how he took care of her, which angers her as she was lied to by both men. Peyton begins feeling alone and struggles with doing drugs she was given. After the formal, Anna tries to have sex with Lucas but he turns her down because he isn't in love with her. Brooke ends her and Felix's friend with benefits relationship. After Peyton's mother's dress is ruined, she is tempted to do drugs but resists. Lucas takes Brooke home and she tells him she misses being friends with him. Dan confesses the truth to Deb about his condition and prepares to leave but she stops him and lets him stay. Nathan asks Haley if she likes Chris and she storms off.

Nathan is concerned about Lucas's health, so he tells Karen that Lucas didn't take the heart test. Despite this, Lucas refuses to take the test. Dan offers Keith a job at the dealership, as vice-president. Felix starts a rumor that Peyton is a lesbian to take away the suspicion from Anna. Brooke finds her car window smashed and immediately blames Felix, but Mouth is the real culprit. At school, Peyton must confront the rumors that she is a lesbian, which affects her friendship with Anna who shuts her out completely. Nathan asks Haley not to see Chris anymore but she initially refuses. In response, Nathan violently threatens Chris to stay away. Lucas and Brooke find their way back to friendship. Anna apologies to Peyton for ghosting her and confesses there were rumors at her past school about her. Peyton lets her down gently but Anna runs away. Peyton decides to stand up to homophobia and is suspended from school. Keith decides to stay in Tree Hill as he is in love with Jules. Haley goes to tell Chris she is keeping her distance, but they kiss instead and he invites her to tour with him. Karen learns that Deb lied to her. Keith leaves Jules a voicemail saying he loves her, during which she is seen sitting with Dan. Dan tells her that things with Keith are going just as they planned. Lucas breaks up with Anna due to his feelings for Brooke. Felix and Brooke decide to start a romantic relationship. Peyton, down and depressed, arranges a drug deal which turns bad when she has no money, but she is saved by the return of Jake. Haley meets with Chris to go on tour with him and again kisses him. Lucas goes to see Brooke but sees her kissing Felix.

Haley decides not to go on tour and returns home to find her sister, Taylor, has arrived and needs a place to stay. Peyton shares with Jake that she has been going through a hard time and has struggled to stay away from drugs as a coping mechanism, constantly feeling like its raining. Karen tries to shut Deb out. Lucas learns that Jules has been lying to Keith and that she is working with Dan, but she promises she truly does love Keith. Nathan continues to not allow Lucas to play any basketball until he takes the test and confides in him that he recognizes Taylor because she and him slept together two years ago. Felix and Brooke start dating but she grows upset when he keeps buying her things. Anna apologizes to Peyton and kisses her. Peyton lets her down but Anna runs off. Taylor reveals to Nathan she remembers their hookup but agrees to keep it a secret if he will let her stay with them. After hearing that Lucas broke up with Anna, Felix beats up Lucas. Karen suspects that Andy is cheating on her while he is out of town, but in class the next day he reveals that he was visiting a woman who he injured many years ago. She apologizes and they reconcile. Jake decides to stay in town for good. Peyton and Jake head to Georgia to get Jenny, and Peyton notes that she doesn't think it's going to rain anymore. Deb apologizes to Karen who accepts. Anna shares with Lucas that she is bisexual. Haley and Nathan try to work on their marriage.

Nicky has gone to court without telling Jake and earned full custody of Jenny. Jake refuses to give her up and goes into hiding. Keith visits Dan and beats him up after learning the truth about what he did with Jules. Keith feels like Lucas and Karen betrayed him. Brooke wants to stay with Peyton but her parents won't allow it. Anna turns Felix in to the school authorities after learning that he was the one who vandalized Peyton's locker. Andy meets with Jake and promises to help him fight Nicky in court, leading Jake to decide to stay. Meanwhile, Nathan visits Haley in the hope of bringing her home. Haley still isn't wearing her ring and says that she loves him but maybe they rushed into things too fast. Peyton tells Brooke what Felix did and she breaks up with him. Felix is suspended from school and angrily confronts Anna as their parents are sending him to military school. She comes out to him and he coldly leaves without saying a word. Lucas arranged for Brooke to stay with Karen while he collects information on Dan. Brooke hugs Karen and says she feels like she has a real mom. Keith leaves Tree Hill and tells Lucas he has nothing to come back to. Lucas catches Dan hiding something in the ceiling of his office. Nathan leaves Haley without saying goodbye and takes his ring off as he drives home.

Nathan's Uncle Cooper (Deb's younger brother) comes into town to take Nathan and Lucas on a racing trip. On the track, Nathan and Lucas are challenged to a race by the beautiful Daytona and her smart aleck brother Jarret. Nathan refuses to stop after the race and goes too fast and as he flashes back to his relationship with Haley, he crashes his car. Deb's addiction to pills intensifies. Dan exposes Andy's relationship with Karen to the class. Andy is fired and he later threatens Dan by saying karma will come to him. Karen, Deb, Peyton, and Brooke spend time together bonding over their respective troubles. Deb learns Dan paid Jules to seduce Keith and has had enough of him. She plans to leave him but just as she does so she gets the call about Nathan. Mouth and Brooke bond while she works her DWNI shift, which leads to them picking up Erica and Mouth and Erica end up kissing. Peyton struggles with missing Jake. Before Nathan goes into surgery, he makes Lucas promise not to call Haley. Dan learns about Deb's pill addiction when her blood can't be used to help Nathan, who is in bad shape. Brooke comes to comfort Lucas at the hospital. Karen tries to contact Keith, but he won't answer any of their calls. Daytona and Lucas look at the crash site, as Daytona notices it looks like Nathan tried to crash his car and kill himself. 041b061a72


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