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Sonic Frontiers Switch

Ouch, from what I've seen 4 is a bit harsh, but guessing it got more on your other platform websites (Ah PS5 version got 8/10 they didnt even bother with PS4 or Xbox versions), its just the performance on switch which is the problem, ah well its still the next game on my list after I complete Bayo 3, hopefully there will be some patch by the time i get to itGuessing a previous article: -frontiers-on-switch-will-be-the-same-experience-as-other-platformssaying its the same experience is stretching the truth a bit

Sonic Frontiers Switch

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It's (really) rough around the edges, but not 4/10, I tried it on PC too, the switch is really not the hardware I'd use for a multiplatform open-world and sadly that switch 2/pro/whatever is not around the corners to change that.

Still getting it for switch. It's getting epic reviews everywhere else and from what I've seen from the game without allowing myself spoilers, 4/10 is definitely super harsh. This may just be me, but whenever I get a switch game that reportedly has crap graphics, 30fps and such, I play it and it looks absolutely fine? Do I just have lower standards? XD haha

I only hate it when I fall off a hard to reach platform or lose to the squid thing. Also Sonic Colors was Great on Wii, but it fumbled on switch, but it was good before it was bad. The game played great for me!

Anyone buying a third party game on switch is shooting themselves in the foot, the system simply cannot run these games at an acceptable standard, especially in 2022. For me the switch is solely an Indie and exclusive machine

Yikes thats harsh then again I just been seeing mixed reviews some are praising it as sonic comeback but me personally this one didn't grab me the whole open world concept in sonic doesn't fit if you guys like it fine I respect your opinion but nope I'll skip this one.

Wow I'm 15 hours in on the switch version and I would say a 4 is a terrible score. But I respect your opinion. I personally would give it a 8. It's a ton of fun to play! I really think with how mixed people are, it needs a short demo for people to try out.

Welp, I'm out. Previews didn't do much for me to begin with so I'm not surprised but even on the positive reviews it sounds really undercooked. I hope the sonic fans enjoy. Back to waiting on Tactics Ogre to show up in the mail.

I'm loving it, even though the switch version does indeed look quite ugly at times. I'm just having too much fun playing the actual game to care much about pop in and the like, and it runs consistently enough for me. Also haven't had many of these glitches happen so far, so I dunno, maybe I'm just lucky. I got it on pc first but random bouts of slowdown made me go to the switch because well, I just generally hate how pc gaming always feels like mixmaxing things because of my rather weak hardware. At that point the switch is a lot less of a headache even if it does look less pretty. A review is just one person's opinion anyway, and in this case, my opinion differs quite a lot. Sure, it's far from a 10 or even a 9, but a 4? Nah.

Though for people who aren't fans, definitely more of a 6 or 7 at best, it does a lot of amazing things I've wanted to see for a while now as a sonic fan writing-wise, the vibes are great, the gameplay is pretty dang fun, but it is generally rather unpolished and needs some more time in the oven.

I'm starting to wonder how Pokemon Arceus managed to get away with a 9 when it looks about equal to this game on the switch, and they both look like they had random assets dropped on a map. I know its different reviewers and all that, but I still find it funny. To be fair though I enjoy both this and Arceus so this is just another reason why reviews are to be taken as a soft baseline of what to expect. No disrespect to the reviewer, different strokes and all that.

But there is also a case for the exact opposite. Many people who have played are having a great time. The fact that you can customise sonics controls is great (if it feels to glitchy for your play style, tweak em a bit)

I opted to get this on my series x (my switch is basically for exclusives etc) and after having nearly finished the second island and all its challenges, its a solid 8 out of 10.Seems like switch version is terrible going by this review.I never really got into sonic or any of the 3d games, but decided to give this a try, and really enjoying it.Sure, it's no botw or mario, but I can't put it down.

I think somebody was just trying to fill their Negative 3D sonic review quota for the week. Either that or Sonic zoomed past this reviewers house and accidentally trampled his dog. No game deserves a 4 unless it's a horrible unplayable broken mess. I bet this same reviewer thinks Sonic adventure is awesome.

Reminds me of the time IGN assigned a reviewer who was known to dislike beat em ups to review Double dragon Neon and he shat all over it. Big surprise. How bout you guys get a reviewer who doesn't have it out for sonic next time?

Well, I haven't played this on Switch yet, but I'm loving it so far on the PS4. I didn't go into it thinking it was going to be a masterpiece, I just love the Sonic games. Other than that, Sonic Adventure was not the first 3D sonic game. Sonic 3D Blast was around way before. Also, Breath of the Wild is not the first open-world game...there's been many more, so just because someone else does an open world game, that doesn't necessarily mean that they got the ideas from Breath of The Wild. Other than that, how comes when a title made by nintendo, no matter how bad it is, always gets a high review. You guys gave Wii Play a great review and that was a horrid game with barely any play time and bad graphics.

@Controller-Drift I've been thoroughly enjoying the game on switch. I've always loved 2d sonic and have never really enjoyed 3d sonic let alone the boost formula. Something about this just clicks for me. If you are still hesitant I urge you to get it on a sale my personal rating is a 8/10. Although if you have other consoles get it on there instead of switch

I had another look at the ps5 and 1X gameplay and honestly, the game looks muddy on those consoles too. The switch game was always going to look poor when the flagship consoles don't look that much better.

Can we please stop with the trolling? Let's be real for a second- The switch hardware SUCKS. It's a handheld/portable that has been out since 2017. And it was underpowered then. The fact that Sega cared enough to even release this game on this hardware and the PS4 and PS5 is amazing.I'm also sick of the praise for MK11, Doom, and everything else that plays THE EXACT SAME WAY.This game is fun, and nostalgic, and challenging, and has all the glitches that everything else has. Enough with the hate. Enjoy it or don't. But someone on this website clearly expected a miracle and was given a video game, which left them with a bitter taste in their mouth. This isn't the garbage that was Forces (which has a higher review?!?)... have fun taking your time and trying to beat this with all the speed, fun controls, and challenges this game has. Also the 90's SuperSonic music is pretty bad ass let's be real. Mario could never...

The title trademark of the game was filed by Sega on 22 October 2021, then published on 9 November 2021, a month before the official title reveal. Later, during December 2021, Sega registered the domain name 041b061a72


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