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Double Tap Pro V1.4 Android Tool App [MOD APK] |TOP|

You can move, rotate, and scale 3D images and objects with gestures. Quickly switch tools. Long-tapping or drawing frames later let users multi-select vertices, edges, faces, and objects. Merge, connect, and create faces with vertices are 3D geometry vertex tools. Edge tools require a single finger to draw a cut using a single swipe or by selecting one point at a time, cut a loop (create new edge-loops), select a loop (also by double-tapping), extrude, delete, select ring, create 3d faces using the border edge, etc. (fill in the hole).

Double Tap Pro v1.4 Android Tool App [MOD APK]

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Face tools include Extrude, draw a face with set points, detach, clone, double-tap to select shell, reverse, and delete. Combine/separate, clone, mirror, smooth, divide, and soft/hard normals are all object tools. And sculpting instruments: Move, screen, push, pull, and smooth are all options; brush size and strength can be adjusted. Display tools include a grid with adjustable size and snapping values and display information such as triangle count, the distance between vertices, and edge length.


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