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How to Create Amazing Sounds with Sonokinetic Hurdy Gurdy in Your DAW

Secondly, Hurdy Gurdy does a lot of clever stuff behind the scenes to mimic the real article. Two entirely different sets of attack chirps were sampled for each note, one slurring down to pitch and one slurring up, since the hurdy-gurdy produces a distinctively different sound depending on whether you hit a key of a higher pitch than a playing note, or release a key to allow the pitch to drop back to a lower note. This kind of level of detail combines with a huge number of samples, cleverly randomised, to ensure that no two notes sound quite the same. (Each note draws on 20 different attack chirps, over a minute of sustained tone, and two hundred potential key strike and release noises!)

sonokinetic hurdy gurdy torrent

This is a really great hurdy gurdy! I was looking for exactly this and it delivers. A fun to play and very authentic (to my ear, anyhoo) instrument. I thank Rhythmic Robot for creating this instrument!

The hurdy gurdy vst library includes high-quality 48 kHz / 24 bit recordings located in three and a half octaves. The first octave contains the sounds of hum, and the others are leading voices. You can choose between several high or low G or D buzzes or even use them simultaneously. You can set their volume separately from the lead voice. You can also adjust the volume of the key sounds. Each lead tone consists of three RRs.The library includes high quality recordings in 48 kHz / 24 bit wave format arranged in three and a half octaves. The first octave contains the drone sounds and the others the lead voices.


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