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I now realise this is the most POPULAR script out there. I also messed up my wording due to my severe Dyslexia. I know its not a "Admin Exploit". Also, an addition I have been exploiting for over 2 years now so I am no where near new...


Person299's Admin Command Script V3 [UPDATED]CreatorPerson299GenresAllDescription10/9/18 UpdateUpdated adminlist and banlist UI, you can now also add admins and ban people from these menusNew commands, allservers/ and skydive/.You can now also add admins through a table in the script.

Celebrating 10 Years after the original Person299's Admin Commands invented Admin Commands in ROBLOX.I now release to you the next major revolution in admin commands.The entirely new Person299's Admin Commands V3!

Person299's admin command script is a command script created in 2008 by Person299. There are currently three versions of this script available, the most recent being made in October 2018. It was one of the first "admin commands" scripts and is now one of the most popular and known admin command scripts that has ever been created on Roblox. The command script has been republished countless times and is currently the most republished model on Roblox.

The script contains a list of the users who are allowed to use the commands. These users are called 'administrators'. When one of these users chats something that the script recognizes as a command, the script executes the command. The script automatically makes its creator, Person299, an administrator, even if his name is removed from the administrator list.

Today, Kohltastrophe's admin script is more commonly used than Person299's. Made during late 2012, it would feature rather more in-depth and advanced commands. Another industrial admin type, LuaModelMaker's admin, allowed players to do many more things, though it is less popular due to a few offensive commands.

Kohls Admin House BC is a freeplay place hosting the famous Command script, Kohl's Admin Commands. Players with admin privileges can use commands to either entertain or annoy others. (Owners and "true" admins are given more commands.) This place was formerly a BC-only place until an unknown time before August 2019 where it was set to NBC.

Love scripts in Roblox? You'll love Script Fighting Ultimate, a game that lets you choose from a range of hilarious scripts to beat other players with! Rule the roost as a giant floating head, or wobble your way to victory as Cleetus. This game is all about having as much fun as possible - and these codes will help you get a head start working toward even more fun scripts to use.

Ultimate Script Fighting was first released back in 2021 but underwent a year-long hiatus for its next major update, which has just been released. This added a bunch of new scripts to the pile as well as some bug fixes. It caused a little boost of popularity!

The game is pretty straightforward - you choose from a list of Scripts (essentially things that transform your Roblox character into something else) and then go and fight other players with whatever weird character the script has dreamed up for you. Our favorite is probably Cleetus.

As a Lead QA Engineer for the Roblox Studio Foundation, you will work in a cross-discipline team that is in charge of evolving Roblox Studio to a world-class IDE. Roblox Studio facilitates instant synchronization between game developers, enables multi-party script editing, and manages a cloud-based repository that serves a global audience. You will make sure the components and features we build satisfy product specifications and don't compromise system stability or scalability. We are looking for someone to coordinate testing with third-party testers, partner with other Roblox QA, create automation, and work with developers and designers to ensure quality for our users. 041b061a72


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